My Marketing Life Vest.

This past summer during my internship, I stumbled upon this software called Canva. Many of you are probably familiar with it, but since I’ve discovered it, it’s saved my tail more times than I can count in my work and school experiences. I use it for basically everything. I’ve made branded graphics for social media, posters, power point presentations and even an impromptu logo for a fake business I created.

So here’s the story.

As a marketing intern at a small, local home building contractor, my duties covered a wide range of marketing disciplines. Social media, print, video, and of course, graphic design.

As you get to know me, you’ll understand I have an incredibly short attention span (I’ll be the first to admit my millenial-ness). I’m looking to get things done fast, and efficiently while still producing high quality content. Attempting to learn Adobe Creative Suite did not check any of those boxes for me at the time, so naturally, I turned to Google to try and find a dummy version that could scratch my itch.

Lo and behold, the internet pulled through for me and brought me to Canva and the rest is history. I’m smitten. The plug and play style program levels the playing field between myself and graphic designers who are far more talented than I. I’m still figuring out the full capacity of Canva, but at this point, I haven’t found much that I can’t do with it.

Thanks again internet, you never let me down.


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